Approx. 2" clearance between shelves.Uprights adjust in and outward to accomodate varying plate widths. Let us know what size plate you are working with and we will pre-adjust it. Height distance between shelves is not adjustable.

The Jackstack is an innovative vertical, mobile NSF listed catering rack. It holds up to 100 plates and allows them to be transported to and set in an area 2'x2'.

A caterer can prepare up to 100 salads on a single Jackstack, wheel it into a walk-in ready for transportation to a catered site hours before the event. These units provide food servers four open sides for easier plate loading and eliminate double handling.

Jackstack systems allow for preparation, storage, and service of twice as many servings, all in the same area with less man hours involved. This equates to major cost savings for food preparers.

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