Delivery and Pickup

Philmont offers delivery and pickup service for a fee. Orders must meet cost minimum requirements. During the Covid 19 Pandemic we are operating on a reduced hour schedule. We are performing deliveries and pickups on Tuesdays and Thursdays only until March 15th 2021.

Order Cancellation and Changes

Philmont is unable to issue any type of credit (full or partial) on any equipment that is not used, once it has been delivered.

Cancellations must be made within 5 days prior to the delivery date of the equipment (not the event date). If you are picking up the equipment at our warehouse the cancellation must be made 5 days prior to the scheduled pickup date.

If a cancellation is made within the 5 days, the customer will be billed 35% of the rental charges for the reserved equipment. If the cancellation is made on the day of scheduled delivery (or pickup), 100% of the rental charges for the reserved equipment will be charged. (Delivery charges will be deducted unless we are notified upon arrival).

Equipment canceled on the day of scheduled delivery has been reserved and we will be unable to rent it to someone else. The items will have been packed and loaded onto the truck the day before the scheduled delivery. The order will have been sequentially loaded with other orders to be delivered the next day. The loaded truck will leave our warehouse at 7:30 am on the scheduled delivery day. It will then perform multiple deliveries on a pre determined route. Depending on the size of the order we may have to return to the warehouse to offload the canceled order.

All quantity deductions or item deletions of an order must be made within 72 hours (3 days) of the scheduled delivery. Additions can be made up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery (if the equipment is still available, which there is no guarantee.

Extended Rentals

All rental rates are based on using the equipment for one 24 hour period, one day. If you wanted to use the equipment for a longer period extended rental rates are available. The per day fee for extended rental is charged at a lower rate. The rate schedule for extended rentals (more than one day) is as listed below.

Example: An item rents for $1.00 per day. If you wanted to use it for 26 days that would fall into the 22 - 28 day period and would cost the daily rate of $1.00 multiplied by the corresponding 5 x rate = $5.00. In this example a 26 day rental would cost $5.00 a unit.
Payment / Security Deposit

Credit cards are required to hold your rental reservation. Visa, Mastercard or Discover can be used to pay for the entire rental and security deposit. Your credit card will be authorized 2 days prior to your scheduled delivery or pickup for the amount of the rentals plus the security deposit. It is not actually charged at this time. Authorization simply creates a block on these amounts and allows us to verify that sufficient funds have been made available.

We will e-mail you a copy of your order along with an attachment that is a copy of our rental policies. Please read through the policy and e-mail us back that you have read, understand and agree to the policy terms. Your reservation will be final upon receipt of the policy agreement e-mail and credit card information.

After your event when the equipment is returned to our warehouse and finished processing, we will then charge your card for the amount of the rentals if there is no damage or loss and your security deposit block will be released. In the event that there are missing or damaged items, and or additional labor or delivery charges we will make every reasonable effort to notify you of any additional charges before charging your account. After the entire transaction is complete your credit card information will be destroyed.

Orders with items that need to be cleaned, tested and inspected will take up to 10 working days to process depending on the season.

If missing item, damages, or additional labor or delivery charges exceed the amount of the deposit charged, you will be responsible for the balance due.

Philmont will hold damaged items for 30 days after your event. If you would like to claim the damaged items, please let us know and we will make them available for you to pickup.