Popcorn Machine
Will make approximately 150 servings per hour (if pop non-stop) A 1 oz serving is a standard box or bag serving portion

120-Volt 60 Cycle

1570 Watt
Will produce 8 ea 1oz servings in a 3 minute cycle when the machine is heated up. The initial batch including heat up time will take approximately 5 to 6 minutes.
13 Amp

Manufactures Instructional ___Video

Accessory popcorn --- cart available
This unit is not to be operated by children. Adult operation is required and the machine should be supervised at all times. The kettle that the arrow points to gets very hot.
This machine has a high amperage electrical requirement. It will run on house current but it will need a large portion of the available electric dedicated to the circuit that is plugged into and workin on. You will have to plug this into an outlet fed by a circuit that is not feeding a lot of other electrical appliances that will be running at the same time as this unit.
Philmont personnel will review all aspects of the unit with the customer on delivery.